Department History

Saint Louis University School of Medicine established the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in 1924. Phillip Hoffman, M.D. became the first department chairman and served in that position until 1938. J. Archer O'Reilly, M.D. assumed the chairmanship in 1938 and held that position until 1947, when Franklin Albrect, M.D. became chairman. He held the position until 1950 when Robert M. O'Brien, M.D.became chairman and held that position for the next eighteen years. D. Elliott O'Reilly, M.D. served as chairman from 1968 through 1981. Robert E. Burdge, M.D. was the chairman from 1981 to 2003. In March 2003, Berton R. Moed, M.D. became the most recent chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Under Dr. Moed's direction, the department has reexpanded to a full-time faculty of eighteen orthopaedic surgeons and three PhD research faculty.


Past Chairmen
Phillip Hoffman, M.D. Archer O'Reilly, M.D.  Franklin Albrect, M.D.
Phillip Hoffman, M.D.
1924 - 1938
J. Archer O'Reilly, M.D.
1938 - 1947
Franklin Albrecht, M.D.
1947 - 1950
Robert M. O'Brien, M.D. D. Elliott O'Reilly, M.D. Robert E. Burdge, M.D.
Robert M. O'Brien, M.D.
1950 - 1968
D. Elliott O'Reilly, M.D.
Robert E. Burdge, M.D.
1981 - 2003